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SEO &Copywriting.

We work with some great copywriters - skilled content writers who will weave their magic to find the words for your website that are clear, concise and compelling. You’re investing in a great new website.

Make sure you furnish it with polished, engaging content that helps you get found on Google.

Copywriting Service

Getting a new website can be exhilarating. Working with your web designer to develop a vital new marketing tool is something of a creative adventure - bringing together your vision with your web designer’s skill. Several weeks later, the two of you have agreed the structure, feel and look of your new website. You ‘sign off’ your beautiful new baby.
It’s all yours. Job done. But wait a minute. Isn’t there something missing?

What About The Words?

‘Oh, it won’t take more than an hour or two to cobble some copy together.’ Really? Agreed, you’re a highly-skilled expert in your sector. But writing the words, the copy, for your website? Is that your speciality too?

Writing commercially useful web copy is a craft. The words do the heavy lifting and will inspire your website visitor into action - prompting them to pick up the phone or send you an email.

What Does This Mean For You?

Like you, we think new customers and enquiries matter more than a pretty website.

So we've taken 20% off the cost of your project when you take advantage of the SEO & copywriting specialists we work with.
It's a must.

With fixed prices and with no monthly contract, the people we work with we want you to win business in an affordable way.

Kettering Web Design - for Businesses in Kettering, Rothwell and Desborough

Full SEO Audit

Full SEO audit to select appropriate keywords: £195 (done at the start of your project)

Kettering Web Design - for Businesses in Kettering, Rothwell and Desborough

Keyword Research

Building those keywords into well written content on your website: £55 per page.